The One Thing Introverts Need to Remember

You’ve found your people. Introverts. The Internet Is Full of Us Socializing on our terms. Avoiding crowds and awkward small talk. Sharing our interests and hopes and fears as easily as politicians deflect questions. American society is very much an extroverted one. Children do group projects in school. Adults have to demonstrate “teamwork” or their … Continue reading The One Thing Introverts Need to Remember


Weird History, Part Eight: Stories From Wampanoag Culture That You Can Share at Thanksgiving

  Ah, November, that precious time of year when people post annoying Facebook statuses, Americans pretend to enjoy turkey, and US schoolchildren learn about the first Thanksgiving. Most American kids do learn that it was the Wampanoag tribe that the Pilgrims met after disembarking the Mayflower, but we don’t learn (or at least remember) much more … Continue reading Weird History, Part Eight: Stories From Wampanoag Culture That You Can Share at Thanksgiving

Signs That You Are (or Are Not) an Introvert (or Extrovert)

More people have come to understand and appreciate introversion in recent years, largely thanks to the Internet. After all, the World Wide Web is the ultimate platform for introverts to find their voices and demonstrate their talents. But still, misconceptions persist. Sometimes I meet people who insist they are not introverts because they are outgoing … Continue reading Signs That You Are (or Are Not) an Introvert (or Extrovert)

10 Running Tips for Beginners (That I Learned the Hard Way)

The Avengers changed my life. I enjoy action movies — I consider Die Hard a Christmas classic — but I was hardly a fan of superhero movies before Marvel’s The Avengers. (I grew up in the early 2000s, when most comic-book movies sucked.) After I saw The Avengers, I wanted to be one of them.*gbNrR5q__B_GtxHi.jpg I knew I … Continue reading 10 Running Tips for Beginners (That I Learned the Hard Way)

Don’t Drink and Shakespeare (On Second Thought, DO)

In honor of St. Crispin’s Day today, I’m bringing this back. Consider playing Shakespeare Mad Libs in celebration! (Unless you’re French…)

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Every day in Seattle has been better than before, and I’m sad that tomorrow is my last full day here.

Today after church, Kara and I and her roommate Kolleen went to the underground tour of Seattle, where I saw stone walls/floors, old photographs, and rusty machinery, and learned about the founding of the city. My favorite part, of course, was hearing about the prostitutes. And browsing the gift shop.

BUT … while waiting for the tour to start, we went to what is the greatest toy store I have ever experienced. How awesome was it? So awesome that it made me want to have children so I could have an excuse to buy these toys.

Tonight, Kara and I had dinner at The People’s Pub, and while the food was good and the drinks were delish (whiskey and creme brulee is a new entry on my list…

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Three Reasons Even Introverts Shouldn’t Overlook Small Talk

Something that introverts often bond over is a dislike of small talk: the chit-chat that people make with acquaintances, or to keep the atmosphere light and casual. We hate it because it seems artificial and shallow. It doesn’t get to the nitty-gritty of life or the heart and soul of a person. It’s boring (how much … Continue reading Three Reasons Even Introverts Shouldn’t Overlook Small Talk

Are you driving in the fog of life?

An excellent post from a friend of mine about trusting in God when things are unclear. I had a similar experience years ago (with snow instead of fog) and this was an excellent reminder of the lessons God taught me that day.

Receive from Jesus

Early morning lesson: I had to drop someone off for a ride one morning this week. We left at 6 am and I had not been driving that early for quite a while. We’ve been having pretty thick fog around here lately and driving through the fog was cool and a bit nerve-wracking at the same time, in the pitch dark of before sunrise. When I drove home, I was thinking how like life the fog is. So many times in life we feel like we’re in the fog: hard to see, not sure what’s coming at you, slowing down just in case you run into something you did not see. Perhaps the drive you are on in life, is taking you places you never saw before or never imagined possible. The Lord spoke to me through the fog, “Even though the way is murky and you feel unsure, you are still moving…

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