Upcoming Changes!

Hey, all! This is something I've been pondering as I continue to tweak my freelance-writing-business website, and I've finally decided. I'm going to be further separating my business website and my more personal blog. I am officially adopting "The Badass Introvert" as the blog title, with the intention of focusing a little more on introversion/INTJ/Myers-Briggs topics. (Since … Continue reading Upcoming Changes!

How We Can Learn From America’s Immigration History

In the 19th century, hundreds of thousands of Irish immigrants flooded the United States, fleeing poverty, political disenfranchisement, and social oppression in their homeland. What happened to these refugees? When they arrived, they were mocked for their language (most of them spoke Gaelic rather than English). They took high-risk, low-skill jobs for whatever pay they could--and … Continue reading How We Can Learn From America’s Immigration History

The One Thing Introverts Need to Remember

You’ve found your people. Introverts. The Internet Is Full of Us Socializing on our terms. Avoiding crowds and awkward small talk. Sharing our interests and hopes and fears as easily as politicians deflect questions. American society is very much an extroverted one. Children do group projects in school. Adults have to demonstrate “teamwork” or their … Continue reading The One Thing Introverts Need to Remember