About the Badass Introvert

I’m a typical Introvert.

I avoid crowds and parties full of strangers. I don’t like loud noises and chaos. I thrive with alone time. I prefer deep, one-on-one discussions over casual, group small talk. Warming up to new people can take me a while. Only about 10% of what is on my mind ever escapes my mouth. I express myself better in writing. I can’t stand to be interrupted when I’m talking. Animals are sometimes preferable company to people.

selfie with polar bear at Toledo Zoo

I also like to defy stereotypes.

Often, I challenge myself and step outside of my comfort zone. To some, the challenge may not look like much. To others, it may seem impressively daring. I love to travel. Before I was 30, I had been twice each to Israel and England, road-tripped the Oregon Trail on my own, took a road trip to New England in autumn because I could, and lived in the metro areas of two capital cities. I’ve moved often and have become adept at carving out a place for myself in new social groups and churches. By the grace of God, I have battled and occasionally prevailed against insomnia, anxiety, depression, insecurity, and toxic relationships. I started my own freelance writing business, which requires me to market myself and reach out to strangers, sometimes in writing and sometimes in person. I recently finished my first 5K.

emily jacobs at toledo dart frog dash 2017

Pics of bad hair or it didn’t happen

This blog is intended to explore and challenge what it means to be an Introvert in life and culture. Join me, won’t you?

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emily jacobs at the end of the oregon trail