Five Steps for When You Feel Behind in Life (Link to Guest Post)


To say that my life hasn’t been going according to plan is a gross understatement. 

I’ve been thinking about this more than usual lately, because this past May was the 10th anniversary of my college graduation (no, I wasn’t a prodigy, I actually am that old).

A lot of amazing things have happened in those 10 years, and quite a few unpleasant things. Hopes have been dashed, and new paths forged.

By now, I thought that I would be married, with a house and a full time job I enjoyed, and maybe one best-seller under my belt.

None of that happened. I did write a novel, launch a freelance writing business, travel to interesting places, complete a 5K, meet wonderful people, and learn a lot about life.

But since my life doesn’t look the way I expected, and doesn’t look like the lives of many others my age, I struggle with feeling “behind.” I feel like a late bloomer, even as an adult.

This guest post, “Feeling Behind in Life? Follow These Five Steps to Start Getting Ahead“, came out of some of the things I’ve learned from being behind. Thanks to the team at the Change Your Thoughts blog!


One thought on “Five Steps for When You Feel Behind in Life (Link to Guest Post)

  1. I always appreciate how vulnerable you are. 🙂 10 years since graduating from college does feel like a significant marker! I have the same experience of feeling like I am behind when comparing myself to my own imagined self as well as to other people’s accomplishments. I like how you suggest ways to continue toward goals without making achieving those particular the sole way to measure success.


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